whale bone warehouse

New dream job: whale bone warehouse custodian.

hidden giants

New hero.  These are just the right mix of art + discovery + interactive play + probably scary at nighttime.

office showroom

This is a showroom for an office furniture company. The facade is made of chairs. I approve.

We went to Iceland

brandnewbox: Brand New Box went to Iceland! To celebrate being in business for the last ten (really, 10!) years, we put all our work on pause and went...

Goodbye Doctor Johnson

Today I finished a 6-year side project.  It was a weird labor of love, one that I didn’t promote much, because it’s such a niche interest. Yes, I know, I...

black void

Anish Kapoor has been making these infinite black whirlpools - and one is...

Whitman, Alabama

A documentary team is traveling around Alabama and having people read Song of Myself to the camera. This is so beautiful.See more chapters...

10 meter tower

This is the best video.


I wrote a recap about 2016 at my company, and enjoyed that process so much that I wanted to do a personal recap. Here’s a bunch of stuff that...


I tried not to talk about it much*, but I started running again this year and set a goal of doing 1000 kilometers. Today I crossed the finish line!...