Halloween 2017

This year for Halloween the kids chose Harry Potter-themed costumes. We’ve been reading thru the series this fall, and the third book was a...


I’ve had the August 21 total eclipse on my calendar for four years; I’ve never experienced one that I could remember, and definitely wasn’t...

Automatic stonecarving


the plague

I moved to the midwest in 2014, and in 2015 a plague followed me.We bought a weird old house on a quiet street near the university, with a big...


From @kottke: The newest editions of Choose Your Own Adventure books come with maps of the story structure that depicts all the branches, endings, and links of each story.As...

the light phone

OK, this phone is just a white block with a keypad, and it only makes phone calls. Dumb idea, beautiful object, and of course I love it and totally...

shiny tubes

brb covering all my walls in shiny tubes

whale bone warehouse

New dream job: whale bone warehouse custodian.

hidden giants

New hero.  These are just the right mix of art + discovery + interactive play + probably scary at nighttime.

office showroom

This is a showroom for an office furniture company. The facade is made of chairs. I approve.