Prop Party 2010: Follow the Money

Our little community here in San Diego is having another Prop Party this week - where each guest comes prepared to present the Pros and Cons for one Proposition on the CA ballot.  It’s fun, it’s educational, and we all walk out as smarter voters.

It’s hard to know how to read these initiatives - the arguments for and against can both be convincing, and there’s lots of money spent on ads from organizations with generic names like ‘Concerned Citizens of California.’ So: besides presenting for both sides, each participant is asked to follow the money.  Sometimes an initiative seems fair on the surface, until you find out it’s supported by one crackpot billionaire in Wichita and opposed by ten thousand honest California citizens. 

Here are two simple ways to follow the money on the propositions.

Go forth, read up, and educate your vote!

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