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Hong Kong’s suffrage protesters have adapted a song from Les Mis for their own fight for democracy. ¬†Apparently students are singing it at graduation ceremonies, at rallies, etc.

Who has yet to speak up?
We all have the responsibility to defend our city.
We are born with the rights and have the desire to be in charge of our own land.
Who would surrender to suppression and remain silent.
Who has not been woken up?
The sound of freedom is spreading.
Waking up our consciences which we shall never forget

Why is a sweet dream still a dream, and many still hope that our dream would be granted by others?
It is easy for us to tell black from white and right from wrong!
To defend the future of our next generation, we must open our eyes now!

No one should remain silent, and watch Hong Kong to be turned red!
Ask ourselves then use our own hands to fight for a future we have a vote in!
We are humans, we have the responsibility and freedom to choose and shape our future!

The Sea Hates a Coward