Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf; I expected to love it and I looooooved it.

Classroom Visit

Meow Wolf, if you haven’t heard of it, is an immersive narrative art installation in Santa Fe - but you might think of it as part City Museum, part haunted house, part escape room, part … rave? It’s the sort of thing, like City Museum, that is so delightful to discover that I hesitate to tell people anything about besides: GO. Get your ass to Meow Wolf.

Erika and I read that they were opening early for Spring Break crowds, and so we arrived 20 minutes before opening. We were the first thru the door, and got to explore quite a bit of the installation by ourselves, which was awesome. The first chunk of the experience can be fairly creepy, and the kids were definitely weirded out (in a good way) for a while. As the place filled up, you did more and more discovering things by seeing other people find them first, but it was still great.

We explored for a few hours, and then left kind of mentally frazzled but absolutely in love with it - and inspired to make and build weird shit. Then we returned in the afternoon and spent much longer exploring nooks and crannies, and uncovering secrets and codes and rooms we didn’t stumble into before.

The music was also great - I dug up soundcloud and spotify accounts and have been playing the soundscapes continuously:

I’m intentionally including a boring photo here, because the actual visual experience is so interesting I don’t want to give it away, or spoil it for my future self.

The Sea Hates a Coward