Erika has been busy the last six months. Her mom bought a house in our neighborhood that was in rrrrrrrrough shape, and E’s been remodeling it. She’s done an incredible job. She had a lot of help from contractors, but she did a TON of the work herself.

Here’s a few before shots:

House rehab

The family here had inherited it from their grandparent, and while they said they were going to clear it out, they ended up trashing the place further. Eventually the family just abandoned it, and we had to chase teenagers out of it a few times - it’s a miracle it never burned down.

House rehab

Erika cleared it out! filled dumpsters and dumpsters of debris, and then ripped that house down to its studs.

I don’t have any good shots of the in-between parts, where the walls were all hollowed out, but it was amazing. She ripped out and replaced the entire kitchen and bathroom, all the interior insulation (walls and attic), cleared out the crawlspaces.

House rehab

She designed all the new components, refinished the floors, dealt with tile, insulated the attic, sealed every crack and crevice with caulk, and generally obsessed over it until it was beautiful for her mom.

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