San Diego 2019

We went to San Diego! A short spring vacation - really just a long weekend for me - to show Felix and Trudy where they were born.

This was GREAT. The weather was amazing, we got to hang out with our favorite California people, eat our favorite food, etc.

The winter and spring in SD has been very wet, and so the entire city was GREEN. Not just a little green, but everything was completely green, covered in flowers and growth. Even way out away from the coast: hillsides that we watched thru their various shades of brown during the year were draped in green and yellow. It was shocking.

We started the trip like a real tourist vacation: we rented a little casita airbnb on Coronado, and showed the kids the beach and burrito life. We spent the second half staying at Chad & Mellie’s new (to us) house in Encanto, which was also lovely. I got to catch up with people I haven’t hung out with in years, and ate a TON of burritos and drank too many San Diego style IPAs. It was great.

The Sea Hates a Coward