World Baijiu Day

A little less than a month ago, I threw a last-minute party to coincide with World Baijiu Day - a global celebration of that Very Acquired Taste. Readers might remember that I created and run a tiny review site for this chinese liquor (hello, and several brands actually send bottles to sample and share. So…

World Baijiu Day - Explorers

I convinced a crew of intrepid explorers to gather on a fairly short notice for an introductory Baijiu Night: a cocktail followed by a tasting flight of the four major aromas - styles - of baijiu.

World Baijiu Day - Bottles World Baijiu Day - Scorecard World Baijiu Day - Pour

For planning next year: World Baijiu Day is always August 9, because 8/9 in mandarin is pronounced ba/jiu. Mark your calendars!

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