The First Rule of Crossfit™ is that you have to talk about Crossfit™ all the time.

I’m trying so hard not to follow this rule! It’s a total stereotype, and I see why (just like, I suppose, everybody else). There’s a lot to discuss! New skills! New people! I’m getting it out here on paper because this is where I make notes about my hobbies and side project kind of stuff, and crossfit has definitely become a Capital-H-Hobby. It takes a ton of time!

My employee Ashley convinced me to finally try this out, and if you know me at all you know how weird this is for me. I’ve always been skinny, have never put on much muscle, and have the makings of a good little beer gut. Running helps a little! I’m definitely built like a runner. But I’ve never really tried a serious workout program, besides going to a gym sporadically and fumbling around with some weight machines.

But crossfit has been really fun, as soon as I got over the awkwardness of being the slowest/weakest/newest guy in the room (some days the oldest, too). But man, it’s a time commitment. The only classes that aren’t during work or my time with the kids are the EARLY classes: I started out at 5:30am, and they’ve added a 6am class. But man! It’s so early! I normally go to bed around midnight, so I have to push my schedule much earlier to accomodate this, which cuts into my evening time where I work on my side projects. This includes trying to force myself to go to sleep hours earlier than I am used to. So my evening side projects are definitely taking a back seat for now.

And really, every week there’s some measurable progress to talk about. Just this morning, I got a new PR on a couple of lifts - personal records come easy when you’re new - and got better at double-under jumpropes. I never thought ‘going to the gym’ would be a hobby I would be excited about, but I am! This is still a very weird experience for me.

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