FOUND 2019

Every year as a family we pick up coins we find on the ground, and add them to a dedicated jar for that year. The rules are simple: ‘found’ money has to be found outside our house/yard, we can’t know who the owner is, and we can never spend it. The jar is documented and saved; here’s our haul from 2019:

Found 2019

The final count was $29.14! Not our largest total amount, but this is already inflated by some big bills we found on the ground as well. But the exciting part is just how many individual pieces we found this year: 286 coins or bills collected. That’s by far our highest, which means we’re getting better at finding.

Found 2019 (Of course I have a spreadsheet.)

I attribute this to our kids: as they grow they’re getting better at noticing things around them, and they’re also just going more places now. When they were little our circuit of locations was smaller, but as they are now in full kid-land, we end up just out in the world more often and at a bigger variety of places.

Found 2019

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