FOUND 2021

Every year as a family we pick up coins we find on the ground, and add them to a dedicated jar for that year. The rules are simple: ‘found’ money has to be found outside our house/yard, we can’t know who the owner is, and we can never spend it. The jar is documented and saved; here’s our haul from 2021:

Found 2021

The final count was $33.60, which is a good haul by our standards. A few bigger bills help. but we did pick up 228 individual items, which means on any given day we’re 60% likely to have found something.

Found 2021

This year as we emerged from 2020’s quarantine, we found more items out in the world. But I do think Erika’s ability to just find stuff is getting better, too!

As usual, this jar of change is archived and saved, destined one day for the Erika Kirkland Museum of Found Objects.

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