Tilman Riemenschneider - all done*

OK, so a thing I’ve learned the hard way is to start projects that have a finish line. My Tilman Riemenschneider fan site is an excuse to visit every one of his sculptures that I can - and then catalog his work with photos. And I’m finally done.

Or I should say: Done.*

Kind of. So far.


In 2019 I spent a week in Würzburg, to travel around the area and document every one of the Riemenschneider sculptures that I could find. It was great - and then I came home and had to do all the work of actually processing those photos, and creating the listings on my new site. At first I set ambitious goals, like: make all the posts this month. Then it was finish this year and then ok, one two posts per week.

Over the next… FOUR YEARS, I slowly worked my way through this backlog of sculptures. And this week: I’m finally caught up! Every one of his sculptures (for which I have photos) from that trip is finally posted. A good one looks like this:


And a more modest post might just have a photo or two. But they’re there, they are posted!

I still make it a goal to see as many extant Riemenschneider pieces in person. So as I get the opportunity to visit more, I’ll post them here. But for now: I’m done!


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