Descent Into Hell

Charles Williams - Descent Into Hell

Last month we shipped out War in Heaven and started taking orders for the next book, Descent Into Hell. And today: cases of books arrived! This is a thrilling part of a side project, and just really fun to see them all together.

Descent Into Hell is probably the best novel by Williams - it’s the fullest statement of his weird-but-compelling ideas about the Christian life, and also brings together more than a few of his obsessions. Plus, it’s a spooky page-turner!

In this one, there’s an amateur play being produced in a newly-built suburb. One of the actresses is haunted by her doppelgänger, a military historian is seduced by a succubus of his own creation, a nice old lady just might be an ageless witch, and a construction worker who committed suicide when the suburb was being built is haunting the neighborhood. There’s also… TIME TRAVEL. In the meantime, the play must go on!

This one, like the others, is available at The Charles Williams Library.

Charles Williams - Descent Into Hell

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