Nervous System

Nervous System is a design studio that makes consumer products designed with generative computer processes. I’ve been a fan for SO long, but lately Jessica Rosenkrantz and her team have been cranking out the hits. These are beautiful design objects that can only have existed at this moment; they’re lovely and are inspired by the natural world - but and also profoundly digital.

Anyway, I’m a superfan; I think Jessica is the Raymond Loewy of our time.

I’ve written before about their projects. This month they rolled out the Coral Cup. It’s a generative design modeled on brain corals. It’s so frigging cool.

Coral Cup

The Moon and Earth puzzles are also beautiful; they’re icosohedral projections of the maps, and the pieces are designed to… tesselate? so the puzzle is edgeless. You can complete the puzzle in a lot of ways.

Coral Cup

They use new manufacturing models too: nearly everything they make is not just designed with new tools, but BUILT with new tools: 3D printing, laser cutting, etc. I keep buying their jewelry for Erika but secretly wish I could wear some of it.

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