Halloween 2018

We don’t go deep into halloween at our house, but we DO love putting together ridiculous costumes for the kids. (See last year’s Harry Potter theme)

This year we’ve got some more obscure choices. Felix and Trudy’s school limits them to characters from history or fiction books, and we read enough interesting stuff to find great options.

Trudy chose Hilda, the star of the amazing series of graphic novels that we love. I’ve written about them here and here too.

Halloween Hilda

Felix chose Uncle, the titular character of the funny but really obscure book series. They’re a bit pointless and silly and we think they’re pretty great. Uncle is a fabulously wealthy elephant who owns a giant castle/city/fortress called Homeward, and is constantly battling the slovenly inhabitants of Badfort (who have great names like Beaver Hateman and Jellytussle).

Halloween Uncle

And me? For the first time in forever I actually put together a costume, which is more of an excuse to try my hand at paper mache. The kids helped me settle on Pumpkin, a kind-hearted pumpkin who came to life in the ridiculous and wonderful web comic series Baman Piderman.

Halloween Pumpkin

And for the reveal:

Halloween Pumpkin Halloween Pumpkin

The Sea Hates a Coward