San Francisco 2019-2

Another family trip; this month we all went out to San Francisco. That’s my second trip this year, and our second family trip to California in 2019! This was mostly to attend Will and Sharon’s wedding in Santa Clara (congrats!), but I scheduled some work meetings, and we rented an airbnb in San Carlos so we could see a lot of the family that lives there.

Sutro Baths

The wedding was beautiful, the weather was lovely, and it was really fun to show San Francisco to F & T, who hadn’t been there, at least in their living memory. Within the first day we had:

We had a great time visiting with Erika’s sister and her family; we get to see this crew about once per year (because they graciously travel to Kansas!), but fun to do stuff with them on their home turf. We saw a soccer game of Tessa’s, we cruised around in Dan’s Tesla, the kids went to a circus, they bounced around on trampolines and we all cruised the town on their many, many bikes.

We also went to Muir Woods - our first cashing in of Felix’s 4th grade Every Kid in a Park pass, which I knew I would enjoy but really enjoyed.

Also enjoyed:

Muir Woods

The Sea Hates a Coward