FOUND 2020

Every year as a family we pick up coins we find on the ground, and add them to a dedicated jar for that year. The rules are simple: ‘found’ money has to be found outside our house/yard, we can’t know who the owner is, and we can never spend it. The jar is documented and saved; here’s our haul from 2020:

Found 2020

The final count was $37.90, which is almost our largest total amount. But it is by FAR our largest total count.

Found 2019 (Of course I have a spreadsheet.)

We’re getting better every year on this, but 2020, our (first?) year of quarantine, we went on a TON of walks. We found a lot there, and but the biggest was a huge haul we found in an alley, where it looked like someone’s Big Gulp of change spilled out. We found something like eighteen bucks that day.

As usual, this jar of change is archived and saved, destined one day for the Erika Kirkland Museum of Found Objects.

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