Little Profits Part 2

One of my New Year’s Projects from 2020 was to memorize a poem each month; I wrote about this around halfway thru and wanted to get an update on the record.

It went fine! I abandoned one poem because I just couldn’t get it to stick, but otherwise I memorized these and really enjoyed the process.

I’ve been using them as little mental exercises when I have downtime, and also they have become a really effective way to get to sleep. I’m afraid that part is so effective that I might

By the time of my last post I had memorized:

And then in the second half I’ve added:

My goal in 2021 is to just keep these. Keep trying to remember them and practice when I can. Memorization is so hard!

(Little Profits?) The title of this note comes from the first line of of Ulysses, the poem I started this exercise with: It little profits that an idle king…

The Sea Hates a Coward