Dracula Daily Preorders

So! This week I launched a preorder campaign for Dracula Daily - the print edition of the newsletter, with commentary from the internet. I announced about it on the Studio Kirkland newsletter and the main Dracula list. It went… really well.

Dracula Preorders

To sweeten the pot for preorders, I made a little microsite at draculadaily.com and offered some preorder goodies. These aren’t kickstarter rewards or anything - just some thank-you merch I wanted to make.

It went really well! More than 2000 people pre-ordered the book so far and sent me their info. I assume there are even more that didn’t fill out my little form, plus I only can send the goodies to people in the US. So I’m optimistic that a lot of people found it.

The crazy thing is the bestseller flags! It’s not like a real bestseller list, but for a few hours it was #34 on amazon overall, and earned little flags on other selling platforms too.

Dracula Preorders

Dracula Preorders

That’s NUTS to me!

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