Kids, These Days

I just watched Felix as he slept for a few minutes and then read this incredibly beautiful essay about death, and having kids.

It includes this quote:

If you intend to have children, but you don’t intend to have them just yet, you are not banking extra years as a person who is still too young to have children. You are subtracting years from the time you will share the world with your children.

Ten years into this parenting thing and I am still shocked - really floored - at how much, how viscerally, how intensely I love my children. I did not expect to be capable of it, nor did I guess at the depth of how much parents love their children (you too Mom and Dad, I love you too!).

It’s a cliche, of course, but as I tell younger people: all cliches are true, and each time I get to discover how and why they are true is a gift the world has given me.

The Sea Hates a Coward