2019 Recap

Every year I write a wrap-up post, not because I think anybody cares, but instead because I have come to cherish the exercise of looking back at what happens in a year. I’ve learned that I either have a terrible memory, or am just very future-focused. I hardly ever look backwards to appreciate all this fun stuff, unless I take some dedicated time to do it.

That said, here’s some stuff that happened in 2019.


Whew, we are getting awfully used to a lifestyle full of travel. It doesn’t even feel like we traveled a lot this year, but we were out the door almost every month in 2019.


And lots of people came to visit last year!


The chores of homeownership are generally tedious and frustrating, but this sadly takes up a big amount of brainspace and effort - so I definitely include it in my recap of the year. Plus, it’s nice to look back at the things we learned how to do (or not do).



Interesting weather this year, which made it really nice to be in Kansas. We got a bunch of snow in the winter, a TON of rain in the spring, summer was hot but in a nice way, and autumn was GORGEOUS.



Felix and Trudy are just as delightful as ever. Felix started a new classroom at school, with the 4-6 graders. Trudy is now at the boss-level of her 1-3 class. A big change for last year was our new neighbor: Erika’s mom! It’s really nice to have her next door, and I enjoy having her in family activities like our birthday breakfasts, etc.


Work at Brand New Box was really fulfilling this year. Challenging, rewarding, and with an eye for building big things in the future. I’m excited. I’ll write a year-end wrap-up over at brandnewbox.com as well, but some highlights:


I have high hopes for 2020. But this recap exercise really convinces me of one thing: I am one lucky bastard.

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